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For some reason taking antidepressants comes with so much stigma.  People think you are weak.  Giving in.  Not strong enough to cope. Making you feel ashamed for taking something.

Even people suffering are often reluctant to take them for the exact reason they think they are being weak for not being able to cope on their own.  I know I was at first it took me months before I accepted I needed them but now I know I would not be here without them.

No one blinks an eye at people taking medication for colds, flu or any other visible illnesses.


They help cure people, save people's lives and enable people bed bound with depression and anxiety try and get on and build their lives.

Believe me it does not make everything into rainbows, they are not magic, you still feel things but they take the edge off and just help you function that little bit more.  They slightly calm the ups and downs – which are by no means gone at all, but some of the time it calms them down, but other times when feelings are so strong they do nothing. 

There are so so so many different medications out there.  For a lot of people (like me!) it takes so much trial and error to find the right ones – it is the lucky few that find the right ones straight off.  For the lucky people that find the right medication right away they cannot understand why it takes others  so long to find the right one, then you have to remind them that each and everyone of us responds differently. 

You have to put up with some horrific side effects while your body gets used to them – breathlessness, nausea, insomnia, constipation, anxiety and so many more.  But for all these side effects once you find the right medication it makes all these side effects worth the fight.  If you miss just one dose it makes you realize how much they help you function and the difference they are making.

For me some made me gain an excessive amount to weight as all I wanted to eat was chocolate brownies (which I can now not even look at!).  I have had to try what feels like every medication there is – but have finally found some that work for my depression.  Anxiety and insomnia are things I am having to learn to deal with on my own; the only tablets that helped with these made me gain weight (5 stone to be precise!), which i refuse to do  again my self esteem would suffer, even more than it does anyway, resulting in my mood plummeting.  So I am fighting the battle with no medication for these (but that has been my choice).

Anti-depressants are not something to fear or be ashamed of, you will be surprised at actually how many people do take medication but just don’t talk about – again it shows the stigma attached to mental health.

As long they help you that’s what counts!

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