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cake before therapy

cake before therapycafe

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The CBT cafe is a peer support group.   It is a safe non-therapeutic environment for people to learn and talk openly about mental health and try and break through the stigma and fear associated with it.  We  provide a space where people can drop in, unwind and learn, all over a good cup of tea and cake, with no judgement, just friendship. 

After all... Mental health is for everyone, just like cake!!

For more information on the CBT Cafe please get in touch here

"a loving nest for nuturing"

​" As soon as I entered the room it was clear we were in a very homely setting to relax & be ourselves in a safe and private space of people who all came with their hearts to the table not to mention the incredible array of home made cakes & the beautiful presentation laying out the room like a Continental patisserie.

Everything was homely & relaxed as was Emma’s introduction. Full of warmth & understanding.

This is a lovely way in a relaxed atmosphere to share no matter what background over tea and cake, be acknowledged & reminded we are all humans.  We all have feelings & thoughts, listening to others can help knowing none of us are alone.  People talked about coping strategies & it seems distractions are one of the highest forms of this.


Thankyou Emma for creating such a loving nest for nurturing. "

X Lucinda

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