I am an experienced mental health writer and speaker.  I speak about my own mental health journey, what I have learnt and how to support a loved one experiencing mental health issues and how to spot some of the warning signs.

I have another business "Unravelling Minds" where, along with being a mental health awareness fashion brand, we also run pop-up mental health cafes called the C.B.T cafe​, standing for "Cake Before Therapy" (click here to find out more).

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    •  14th October - CBT Cafe @Alyth

    •  11th October - Rosh Chodesh, Muswell Hill Lived Experience Talk

    •  8th October - Growing Talent Workshop

    •  4th October -  CBT Cafe @ The Bridge

    •  8th August - Growing Talent Workshop

    •  26th June - CBT Cafe @WLS

    •  15th May - Life Changing Conference - Q&A Panel Discussion

    •  26th March - Thrive in Thee City : Emergency Services

    •  24th March- CBT Cafe @ WLS

    •  21st March - Golders Green Mental Health - Q&A Panel Discussion

    •  6th March – CBT Café @ WLS

    •  20th January - CBT Cafe @ Golders Green


    •  10th December- CBT Cafe @ Ridley Road Market Bar

    •  7th November - CBT Cafe @ WLS

    •  13th November - Thrive in the City