Anxiety is really an amazing thing, (but not in a good way!).  Unfortunately it can just hit with no reason.  I know I have spoken about anxiety before, but thought it would be different writing as today I am writing from a state of high anxiety!

Please note, I say anxiety, not a panic attack. 

A panic attack usually occurs ‘out of the blue’ and peaks within 10 minutes and then goes down.  Sometimes these attacks last longer and come in succession making it hard to know when one ends and the other begins.

Anxiety builds up over a period of time and intensifies and intensifies.  It is often linked to excessive worry.

Both Anxiety and panic attacks carry similar symptoms, just over different lengths of time.

Today I literally woke up with that awful stomach churning feeling, breathless and shaking for no reason that I could pinpoint whatsoever.  It is quite frightening how anxiety can hit like that

I did know it was building up over the last week but today it reached its climax. – I am paralyzed and could not even get out to walk my lovely neighbours dog – usually the highlight of my week! (I had to put a picture up of her as she is totally gorgeous!!)

Over the last few weeks I totally lost my appetite and when I ate (even just a little I have been incredibly sick), a sign something is going wrong.  It had to be anxiety.

Over the weekend my usually very good eyesight went and I could not see in the far or even read a menu, this was, scarey, I had no balance and could not walk straight – I felt drunk!!  This was terrifying.  We spent hours in hospital for them to find nothing was wrong with then to be told it was likely ‘just’ to be anxiety, or a small chance it could be my medication.

I had been trying to get on with things to try and fight it for days.  But today I have no fight in me, so I am listening to my body and staying in – though this would be the last thing my therapist would say to do!   I should be going for a walk and getting some air or doing something to distract me.

They say anxiety goes up plateaus and then comes down – I hope today is the peak of it and it can start coming down again (please keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!!)

But this shows the speed at which it can hit and the sighs that it is about to hit in such an overpowering wave.


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