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Updated: Aug 5, 2018

Over the past month or so you may have noticed I have been very quiet on Balloons & The Brain.  This has been for a number of reasons:

  1. I been struggling a lot with my own mental health recently

  2. I have a lot of coursework to do

  3. I have a lot going on in my personal life to deal with

BUT the main reason is I am working with @SoviDreams to set up Unravelling Minds, a fashion brand that focuses on positive mental health  and aims to tackle the unnecessary stigma surrounding it.  Unravelling Minds is a place where #mentalhealthmeestfashion.

As you can imagine this is taking A LOT of time as we are determined to do it properly and make it work.  We have spent many hours eating chips at the BFI on Southbank being “those” people hunched over our computer screens talking work and trying to get their stuff done!

Over the past 2 months we have really hit the ground running and already achieved loads.  We have managed to:

  • Launch our website

  • Work hard to gain momentum on Twitter and Instagram

  • Designed and produced an array of product bags, badges and hoodies with t-shirts and mugs in the pipeline ready to be launched

  • Set up our etsy shop

  • Started a market stall on Brick lane

  • Had scarey meetings with lawyers, banks, business advisers, accountants

  • Have press releases ready to be sent out

This is just a few of the things we have done. 

Doing this all has been difficult and scarey at times (and would be for most people) but for us it has made particularly worse as we are both severely struggling with our anxiety at present.  But WE HAVE DONE IT, ARE DOING IT AND ARE CONTINUING TO DO IT and for that (though we find it hard to say) we are proud of ourselves.

The support and encouragement we have had has been incredible and so hugely rewarding. 

The market stall has been an eye opener, with so many conversations being started through our brand and product.  Seeing how people react and relate to the brand and want to spread the message through us has been incredible.  Our most heartwarming conversation was with an 11 year old girl who was so enthusiastic about our project she asked us if we would be able to do a talk at her school (which of course we are following up on!).  This conversation made both Sophie and I want to cry as this little girl blew us away and gave us hope that the younger generations are already becoming more comfortable about speaking up and acknowledging their mental health.

Starting this brand has really shown the gap in the market for a fashion focused platform to start the conversations of mental health and it is so exciting to be trying to fill this gap!

We are currently fundraising to cover the costs of trademarking our name. Up until this point we have been putting in all of our own money, but in order to progress we need a little bit more. If you believe in us and what we're doing with Unravelling Minds and can help us in any way, no matter how small, then please visit our kickstarter page. We have a variety of goodies to offer you, starting with a great big hug right up to a range of our stock for your own!

We are so excited for all the possibilities our brand many bring and we look forward to keeping you all up to date on our progress!!

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