The House (art therapy part 2)

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

I did this doodle with words during my first stay in hospital.

It was something I started but then got interrupted and so had to leave it before finishing it. 

It is a house filled with words of memories I had of being in my flat (which are probably only readable to me – but I know they are there).

For some reason I could never get my head round to finishing it.

It was not until now when I have been re-looking through all my drawings that I could maybe understand.

When I did this I was in hospital. 

Living in my flat with my best friend had had to come to an abrupt end due to my sudden breakdown and I was forced to move home.

Whilst I was in hospital was also when we had to move out of the flat.  I had no control of what was going on, as I was not allowed out.  All my belongings were being packed up and sorted out without me being there.  I had found this very distressing and spent much time in group therapy discussing this.  I have always needed to be in control of everything but now control was out of my hands completely.

Bearing all these factors in mind I now can understand why I never finished this.  Living in the flat was unfinished business to me.  I was forced out suddenly and never had time to process it.

I still find it hard as I was never able to say goodbye to this period of my life properly.

It was unfinished business – just like this house.


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