Picture This...

Updated: Aug 5, 2018

Picture this…

You are on a walk. 

You come across a river with a strong turbulent current, if you were to step in it could sweep you right away.

Take you under and swallow you up

The only way home and your only option is to cross the river.

You have 2 options to get to the other side

1.     Swim across and fight the current being swept away and struggling to keep your head above water to stop yourself drowning.

2.     Take the bridge a little up stream to cross to the other side and save yourself getting swept away, swept under.

Which do you go for? 

It’s a no brainer isn’t it; you would take the bridge to get to the other side, even if it was a rickety bridge or a tightrope, you would still take whatever option there is to get you across.

You wouldn't be ashamed of taking the bridge?  It would not make you weak.  It is there to help you.  To guide you.  There to help you reach the other side and stop you getting swept away, help get you home.

Antidepressants are exactly like this.

Help you begin the journey to the other side. 

They are a little help to stop you getting swept away. 

They help you see clearer to work through your feelings to get through the strong currents of emotions. 

Make you feel and see there could be a way through even if the bridge is rickety or a tightrope – anything to help you.

Anti depressants are not as simple as the option of 1 bridge... there are many bridges to choose from.  Many medications to find that one, or combination, that is right for you. It takes much trial and error.  Many scrapes and bruises fighting off and through horrific side effects.

But once you find that one bridge you can start to try and work through and see a little more clearly.  That bit of clarity can be the only way and option to get you through.

I know that from my experience. 

I have tried and tested so many medications (along with the natural remedies, mindfulness, yoga that people say should be used instead of medication).  However medication it the only thing right for me to help recovery and is my only option to the other side. I will take whatever it takes to stop me drowning with overwhelming emotions. 

I am not ashamed.

I feel no weakness.  

It is what keeps me and 1000000 of others a float and take the path to recovery.

Just as the bridge is nothing to be ashamed of, neither are antidepressants and no one should make you feel that way or take that bridge away.

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