As we all know too well there is way too much taboo about talking about our mental health. Even those who suffer are not 100% honest with each other.  Most of us have our mask on nearly all the time, pretending to everyone (even ourselves!) that we are ’fine’ when on the inside we are breaking. 

Our masks are especially strong now having had Christmas and everyone saying ‘Happy New Year.’ We respond with the same reply but do we truly and honestly feel it?  Most of the time NO.

This is why me and fellow twitterers have come up with the hashtag #MASKOFFJANUARY meaning that for January we are asking people to drop their mask, tell people how they are truly and honestly feeling; whether they are having a good day, bad day, having feelings of doing harm to themselves, ANYTHING. 

All we ask is that you are truly honest and help people feel less alone with their struggles.  This will also help others who do not suffer to understand the complex and scary emotions we experience with our mental health. 

@SoviDreams my fellow collaborator says this:

Whilst talking to @balloons_brain I realised how hard it is for us, and our friends in the mental health community to really, truly be known, understood and appreciated for who we are. Even between ourselves we feel the need to hide our struggles but those struggles make us stronger, more compassionate and able to help others so we said “OK let’s do this. Let’s take our masks off and see where it takes us”.

So far, so good.

Twitter friends of ours have already been establishing a more authentic conversation, including those of us working with the hashtag #mharttherapy with our friends and collaborators. Our more authentic conversations are literally keeping us alive.

At the end of the day we all want to fight the stigma and end the taboo and the best way of doing this is to make our feelings heard on a public platform.  We should be able to drop our masks all the time but for some reason the world is all about keeping up appearances. Lets start the new year with trying to be honest about our feelings.

So come and help us fight the stigma and tell the world how you are feeling by using #MASKOFFJANUARY and share how you are feeling.

Telephone : 07858139417 

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