It's The Little Things...

It's The Little Things That Matter

When we feel at our worst in the world of depression everything is a struggle, it is hard to think of anything (even the tiniest thing) that will make us feel a little better).

It is important for people who do not suffer to know how hard everything is for the person suffering and what a big achievement it is for them to do even one of  the things listed below in a day. 

I am writing this for me as well as to help others as on some days when I struggle to get up, I need to remember that even the smallest thing you can do matters.

1. Get out of bed – this is the hardest thing to do.

2. Get out of your room – a change of environment helps even if it is just to the sofa.

3. Have a nice relaxing bubble bath.  Or if that is too much just wash your face.

4. Get dressed or put on clean pjs– just to feel a little fresher.

5. Open a window to let some fresh air in.

6. Make something you really like to eat or cook a meal for loved ones.

7. Listen to music – it is amazing the impact that can have.

8. Watch a nice film (but nothing that can trigger your anxiety!)

9. Fiddle around on the computer – if you are on twitter chat to someone going through the same or join one of the support groups, there is always someone to chat to there.

10. Read a book – something easy and not challenging.

11. Write in your journal if you keep one, if you don’t maybe start one.

12. If you can face it, go for a walk – but only if you feel safe to do so.

13. Ask a friend to take you for a drive – just to see life around you.

14. Go outside and look at the sky

15. Try some mindfulness, or just sit and focus on your breathing.

16. Do some gardening just to get some fresh air

17. Contact a friend or even just reply to a text message.

18. Do some excersize or yoga

19. Do not set yourself unrealistic goals that you will then feel worse for not achieving.

20. Be nice to yourself.

Even if you only do 1 thing from the above list it is a big achievement and something to be proud of, so do not dismiss anything as nothing.


from clouds can come rainbows