I Wish Understood

I use my little space on the internet to get people to learn about mental health but also to voice how I feel, not to make people feel sorry for me, judge me or anything. It is here for me and comforts me to write when I am struggling, that is why I write blogs as and when I feel I have something to share and not the type of blogger who feels I have to post constantly or to a schedule - sometimes I post, sometimes don't and sometimes do but just don't publicise them.

What want to say, I know is subject written about again and again, but I have never felt it so much as I am right now and need to get it off my chest. 

I really do find it so hard to understand how people don't know how to deal with mental health. 

Why is it so hard to understand and treat someone differently to someone with a physical illness. 

I have never really been affected (badly) but now I have and it hurts beyond belief.  If I had been seriously ill with (for example cancer or a heart disease) people would not run they would be there even more to support and be there for you at every step. 

Why is it when  you are seriously ill with mental health is it different? 

Why am feeling guilty and it is my fault that things have changed.  It makes me hate myself and what has happened even more and be so confused how that on incident can change things so dramatically.  I am glad in so many ways of what I have been through, it has put me on a route in life love and feel so passionately about, but hate it in so many ways that it has affected areas of my life I never dreamt could change.

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