I'm Back!!

I know this year I have been seriously bad at writing my blog, but until now whilst I have been re-doing my website and switching hosts I realised HOW bad I have been.

First I thought it was laziness and that I could not be bothered and had lost interest in the blog and have been really beating myself up about it, feeling like I was failing at something I love. However I know this is not true, as not a day has gone past when I have not thought I really, really must write something this week.

I thought I had lost inspiration even though I have long, long lists of what I want to write about, but I hate nothing more than writing for the sake of writing as then the blogs lack depth and passion which is then boring for you to read.

Then I realised it was none of this - I have actually been really busy with a lot of other commitments and projects for the first time in a long, long time, so I actually have not had time to sit down and right and find that inspiration. Being busy like this can only be a good thing right? I think so!

I have had serious ups and downs and I am not recovered (though I don’t believe you do recover from what I have been through) but I am managing to cope and actually do things again. Yes I have massive slip ups and days I can’t do anything, where bad habits return but overall I am dealing with it and able to sit with difficult feelings much better than before.

Therefore, even though I am frustrated and annoyed at myself for not writing as much – really I think it is a good thing being busy doing other things not solely around mental health - I am even working part time! Though I may not have been writing here so much I am still very much speaking up and keeping the conversations around mental health by doing more talks and also with Unravelling Minds and the CBT Café.

But from now I am making a conscious effort to write more here and not let it slip and fall behind like I have been – so watch this space for more blogs.

Additionally, if anyone ever wants to write a guest post I would LOVE that. Whether it is something you are going through, thoughts you have or if you are supporting someone going through MH difficulties, many others and I would love to know.


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