Balloons And The Brain?

So why have I called this blog “Balloons and the Brain” I hear you ask?

When I was in hospital I did art therapy.  In these sessions I found the best way to express how I felt was through the representation of such a simple thing as a balloon.

Balloons can be any colour, fly away, drift out your hand, pop, be blown up, get squashed, get stretched, strings can get tangled and strings can write messages.  These too also represent emotions linked with mental illnesses; sometimes you want to drift away, sometimes you want to be popped but overall you want to somehow be blown back up to the person you once were.

My art therapist used to always say to me before each session “So Emma, what will the balloon be doing today?" The answer was I never quite knew, until the pen hit the paper, the same way as when you wake up in the morning suffering from a mental health problem you just don’t know how you will feel from one day or hour to another.

It is for this reason why this is named "Balloons and the Brain"

Art therapy was one of the most expressive forms of therapy I did and it was incredible to see how even the most basic drawing could tell a thousand words without the person even realising it, the smallest detail of placement could be interpreted in so many different ways by each person in the group.

It was these sessions that have made me want to retrain to be an art therapist, to use my passion for creativity along with all the tools I have learnt from going through all I have.


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