13 Reasons Why You Should Watch 13 Reasons Why

(WARNING – if you are in a bad, dark place I would not advise watching it.  It contains some very triggering content so should be watched with extreme caution if you are experiencing intrusive thoughts.)

‘13 Reasons Why’ is a new series on Netflix based on a book by Jay Asher.  It tells the story of the suicide of Hannah.  Hannah leaves behind 13 tapes giving the reasons she has decided to take her life.  Each tape tells the story of how different individuals made her feel she had to do what she did.  

I think it is a very important watch, here are my 13 reasons why:

1.    It addresses the issue of suicide straight on.

2.    It is raw, uncomfortable and harrowing. Exactly how it should be.  Nothing is hidden or blurred over.  Nothing is seen through rose tinted glasses.

3.    The acting and directing is really incredible making it very real and true.

4.    It has opened up the conversation with people of all ages discussing the series and issue.

5.    It shows an issue which is unfortunately becoming more occurring more and more in schools.  Such an important and relevant issue.

6.    It shows how seemingly small actions or words from one person can be catastrophic to another.  And how a few small actions can build up in someone.

7.    It shows the effect of rumors and online bullying.

8.    It shows how people suffering wear a mask so no-one can see there is a problem – not even family.

9.    It shows how depression makes you feel like you don’t matter and no-one will miss you.  You feel worthless and isolated.

10.  It shows the feeling of inability to ask for help.

11.  It shows the importance of having the right counselor who can see through your feelings and notice your cry for help.

12.  To someone suffering with depression it is so relatable.  To older people it holds so many triggers and reminders of how nasty school can be to us.  To younger people in school it teaches the effect of how their actions can have on another.

13.  The ending is particularly good and harrowing.  It leaves many questions, but ones I feel should not be answered by a second series, it should be left to the viewer to come to their own conclusion.

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