Well educated. Good job. Well brought up. Living in a dream flat with her best friend. In her dream job. With a great circle of friends.


You would not think she would spend. 3 years 'yo yoing' in & out of a psychiatric hospital.  30 & move back with her parents, loosing  touch with friends, isolating herself.


Well, this is me.


This is my life.


I am 1 in 4.

I write from my mental health experiences & what I have learnt. I am not pretending to know everything but I have been in a continuous struggle for 2 years (probably more if I am honest) so speak purely from my experience, not a doctors or psychologists’ point of view. 


The aim of this blog is to give hope to those suffering & advice to friends & family.  It is important both sides know what is happening, what they are feeling & they are not alone.


There is a terrible stigma around mental health & this needs to stop.  It needs to stop being a taboo subject people tiptoe around.  It needs to be spoken about as openly as a broken leg or cancer, after all at least 1 in 4 people suffer from it at least at one point in their lives

Drawing done in Art Therapy whilst in hospital on abad mentalhealth day
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