I was working in fashion.  With 10yrs of ups and downs I finally found a job I loved.  After years of dreaming of living with my best friend I actually did.   My social life was good– though this was something I always struggled with. Things were better than ever.


Then  I got a new boss and things went rapidly downhill.  She picked at everything I did, changed my job, taking away everything I had loved.  My self-esteem was lower than ever but she made this worse, making me feel more and more useless. 


I never cried and would never dream to cry at work, but as things got worse I could not stop.   Everyday I would dread  work.  Crying all the way down the never-ending escalator at Islington.  On the tube I would not be able to breath, and on the walk to the office from the tube station my stomach would be in knots. This was before I even arrived.  At work I would cry in the stationery cupboard, bathroom or anywhere where no-one would know, but as time went on I didn’t care who saw. it was unbearable.

After 6 months of trying I realised I had no choice but leave.  In the meeting with HR I was crying and shaking.  They could not believe what had been happening.


Leaving the company and ‘family’ I loved feeling my boss had won was the worst.  But my last day came and I must have cried a river.  The biggest kick in the face was the fact my boss did not even say goodbye – this confirmed I had definitely made the right decision.  Whilst feeling totally devastated I also felt the biggest relief – things were finally going to get better. 

Or were they....

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